4 Signs Your Central Air Conditioning System Is Failing

We usually count on the central air conditioning to function properly after a fast tune-up and clean-up while we are occupied with other tasks. However, some indicators are unavoidable and serve as reminders when assistance is required.

Signs of AC Failing:

The major signs of AC failure are –

  • Uneven cooling throughout your home:
    Your system may have a few problems if you’ve discovered that certain rooms in your house are too cool and others are not cool enough. Make sure to update the air filter in your system because they can become clogged and hinder flow. Additionally, if the system unbalances persist, you might look at automatic vent dampers. A significant amount of air conditioning can be lost due to leaks on the piping or around filters. Finally, you should fix your duct piping if you notice a cobweb blowing in the wind around it.
  • The air conditioning system won’t turn on:
    Have issues begun messing with your cooling system? There are a few things you can check to troubleshoot the problem if your machine doesn’t power on. First, make sure your thermostat is set to “cool” and that its batteries are in good condition before you start to panic. If that doesn’t work, make sure the circuit breaker hasn’t tripped by checking it. Call an expert if your machine still won’t start. The loose connection should be fixed by an AC service expert in Chester.
  • Excessive noises coming from the system:
    Is the system working properly? How was it operating last year? If your air conditioner is operating more loudly than in prior seasons, there can be a greater issue. The fan motor is clogged with leaves and twigs, and the requirement for new motor bearings are the two most typical causes of loud noises. To stop additional damage, the system must be controlled. A professional should always look into a loud noise.
  • The system is not blowing cool air:
    Call a professional if your system isn’t blowing cold air. In addition, have a technician work on your unit if you’ve tried the suggestions above and the air conditioner is still not properly cooling your home. Remember to compare the cost of maintenance and replacement if your system is close to 20 years old. Certain systems may be too outdated and inefficient to be fixed.


Your air conditioning (AC) system keeps you comfortable in your Round Rock house by circulating cool air, but it can only do this when it’s functioning properly. Therefore, even if your central air conditioning system operates flawlessly, you should still plan a quick tune-up to protect its safety.