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Can Air Conditioning Make You Sick?

Air conditioning can be a lifesaver in the hot summer, but unfortunately, it can impact your health if not properly maintained. Faulty air conditioning systems run the risk of distributing allergens and air pollutants throughout home or office spaces, causing headaches, fatigue, congestion, nausea, and more.

We want to ensure you stay safe and healthy at Volpe Service Company this summer. That’s why we offer comprehensive AC repair in Mt, Olive and Parsippany. From regular maintenance to more complex repairs, our team is here to ensure that your air conditioner works as safely and efficiently as possible.

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What potential health hazards should you watch out for with a faulty AC? Let’s take a look:

Health Risks from Faulty AC Systems

  • Mold Growth

Air conditioners create condensation that can accumulate inside the unit or around filters, the perfect environment for mold growth. As mold spores circulate through your home or office space, they can cause respiratory problems for those particularly sensitive to the particles. To avoid this problem, look for regular maintenance inspections of your system so any mold accumulation can be intercepted before it ever reaches your interior air supply. Contact us today to schedule AC repair in Parsippany and eliminate mold growth in the cooling system.

  • Bacteria & Viruses

Bacteria or viruses can enter your central air conditioning system either through leakage in the pipes running into your home/office or because of inadequate filtration. They can become airborne molecules of concern that may be inhaled by anyone nearby. To prevent this issue, check (and even change) your AC system filters regularly so that no contagions can spread!

  • Chemical Pollutants

One potential source of chemical contamination in an AC system is debris left behind when the refrigerant is released during repairs on older air conditioners. However, there are other sources, too, such as fire retardants used in duct linings or cleaning fluids stored near the system. Regular maintenance inspections will help identify these sources quicker than if left unaddressed until symptoms become noticeable indoors. Contact Volpe Service Company for AC repair in Mt. Olive and surrounding areas; our technicians will precisely diagnose and fix the chemical pollutants issue from your AC system.

  • Dry Eyes & Mouth

Dry eyes and mouth syndrome is caused by exposure to dry air produced by low-humidity levels created in specific settings by aging air conditioning systems which leads to an uncomfortable sensation caused by excess evaporation of the skin and mucous membranes. The only way to eliminate this issue is by replacing old AC units with newer models designed to regulate humidity levels more effectively within any given room/space. Keep an eye on relative humidity levels with a quality hygrometer, so you know when adjustments are precisely needed!

These are just some of the risks associated with faulty air conditioning systems; there may be more depending on where you live and specific environmental factors related to your area’s seasonal temperatures/weather patterns. No matter what type of health issues you’re dealing with at home or work– Volpe Service Company can help! We specialize in providing professional installations, and repairs for all makes and models located within Parsippany & Mt Olive areas, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week! Contact us today for more information about our services!

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When it comes to maintaining a healthy environment at home or work during the hot summer months, don’t hesitate! Ensure that any air pollution concerns are addressed as quickly as possible with Volpe Service Company’s comprehensive AC repair services today! We have over 50 years of helping New Jersey residents keep their homes cool while staying safe and comfortable from any potential health hazard caused by outdated heating and cooling units. Contact us or fill out our simple online form for an estimate on AC repair in Parsippany & Parsippany, NJ.