How Do You Cool Down A Room With A Broken Air Conditioner?

Your AC breaking down in the middle of summer can be a hassle indeed. It’ll make it harder for you to bear the heat, and you will have to seek other methods to keep cool. Fortunately for you, we know how you can stay cool even in the hot summers of Parsippany. As the temperatures reach soaring heights, try to use the mentioned methods. They are guaranteed to relieve you from the scorching heat and make you comfortable.

Use ice to cool the room: Ice can work as an instant relief and help you cool the room. Putting a large block of ice on a big dish and leaving it in the room helps. It reduces the room’s temperature, in the same way a cube of ice cools the area around it.

Using fans to cool the room: Fans work economically to keep your room or house cool. If the AC is broken, try installing fans to take in cold air from the outside and circulate it inside. The wind circulation makes you feel less hot and is efficient as well. However, make sure that the air is moving in a downward spiral. Another way of using fans is installing them in a particular way at night to take cold air during the night.

Reduce usage of heat-generating appliances: Operating appliances that produce heat, like dryers, heaters, stoves, and so on, can raise the temperature. And with your AC broken, there will be no other way to cool down your house. So, better not to use those appliances rather than feel uncomfortable.

Cool your room naturally: Sometimes, the heat from outside may play a role in heating your house. The best way to prevent that is to install a proper shade system. Prefer a dark-colored curtain with a white back that doesn’t allow heat to penetrate. Moreover, keep the shades closed in the summer. The more the sunlight gets in, the more the temperature will be.

Try to cool yourself: If your air conditioner is broken, you can cool yourself down using ice packs, damp clothes, and so on. Keep a wet towel around your neck. It keeps your body temperature cool. To cool your room and body down when you sleep, use damp bed sheets that haven’t dried completely. Wearing damp clothes is also effective, as it keeps your body temperature low. And if you need to know more ways to cool yourself, call our ac replacement Parsippany team. We can let you in on our secrets to keeping yourself cool.

You can now employ these steps if your air conditioner breaks with these steps in handy. Air conditioners need maintenance, and failure to provide it can lead to a breakdown. So, make sure that you are getting it maintained regularly. Moreover, our ac maintenance Parsippany team is always ready to solve your queries and assist you.

So, contact Volpe Services’ HVAC team if your AC breaks down so that you do not have to go through the hot summer without a proper unit. Reach out to Volpe Service Company’s technicians on (973)386-1606 or visit our website alternatively!