How Often Should You Change The AC Filter in Your House?

Your AC takes away all the heat and makes the surrounding temperature pleasant, but have you ever thought about the kind of air you are breathing in? Is that air filtered and good for your health?

Every AC comes with a filter, but only one filter is not enough to clean the air around us throughout the summer. Once your AC filter accumulates too much dirt, the airflow will be polluted, smelly, and warm.

These side effects start affecting you before you experience them. For these reasons, you should replace your AC filter on time. The need for AC filter replacement depends on five factors.

  1. The Type of AC Filter
  • Fiberglass Filter

Fiberglass filters are less in price as compared to other filter types. The max duration fiberglass filter can work efficiently is 30 days.

  • Pleated Air Filter

Pleated air filters are more efficient than fiberglass filters. They need replacement within 30 to 90 days.

With the type, size also matters. A standard air filter size usually needs replacement within 60 days. The AC model or type determines the size of the filter.

Mini-split AC filters need frequent cleaning rather than replacement. Amana mini split AC filter needs cleaning once every two weeks.

The split AC filter needs replacement once a year. Check the size and type of your AC filter during AC installation to be able to replace it on time.

       2. Family members

  • How Many Family Members Live in Your House?

If you live alone, you may spend maximum time working outside. There will be less dirt and dust in your home, and the filter can last for about 2 or 2.5 months.

If you live in a nuclear or joint family, the filter’s efficiency will decrease. For the family’s safety, it is recommended to replace it once every month.

  • Is Anyone Allergic?

If you or anyone at home has an allergy, then a delay in filter replacement can worsen the situation. Replace the air filter within 15 to 30 days.

     3. Do You Have Pets?

The fur babies may share their fur with the AC filter. To prevent debris build-up, the AC filter needs replacement within 30-60 days.

     4. Location of Your Residence

Suppose you live in an area crowded with vehicles, the chance of pollutants entering your AC filter increases. Therefore replace it within 45 days. You can use the same filter in rural areas for more than 60 days.

      5. Air Quality

When you smell something not-so-pleasing or poor air quality is visible, call a technician soon for AC service. The servicing will include AC filter replacement.

One more thing to remember is that a washable air filter does not need frequent replacement. A washable filter needs to be cleaned often.

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