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How To Reset An Air Conditioner When It’s Not Working

As the weather heats up, there’s nothing more refreshing than stepping into a cool, air-conditioned room. However, it can quickly become a nightmare if your AC isn’t working properly in the summer heat. Resetting your air conditioning unit can be an effective solution in these situations. This blog post provides a step-by-step guide on resetting your AC unit.

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Mentioned below are the four most common ways to reset your AC unit:

  • Reset Button:

Most air conditioning units today have a reset button that you can press to simply reset the system. The button is usually located near the outside unit. To reset the air conditioner, turn off the power to the unit, locate the reset button, and press and hold it for 3 seconds. After releasing the button, turn the power back on. If your air conditioner has no reset button, move on to the steps below.

  • Check Circuit Breaker:

Inspecting your circuit breaker is the first step in resetting your air conditioning unit. Your AC unit may have tripped the breaker and needs to be reset. Locate your circuit breaker box and find the breaker labeled “air conditioner” or “AC.” Flip the switch off and wait 30 seconds. Then, turn it back on, resetting your AC unit and allowing it to turn on again.

Turn the Thermostat Off and On: Sometimes, the thermostat can become confused and stop communicating with your AC unit. By turning it off and on, you’re essentially restarting the communication between the two. To do this, turn off the power to the unit. Then, remove the thermostat cover and take out the batteries. Wait a few minutes before replacing the batteries and replacing the cover. Turn on the power to the unit and set the thermostat to the desired temperature.

  • Check the AC Unit’s Capacitor:

If your air conditioner still isn’t working after trying the first three methods, the problem could be with the capacitor. The capacitor is a small, cylindrical device inside the outdoor AC unit. It provides the initial jolt of electricity that starts the compressor motor. If the faulty capacitor fails, your AC unit won’t turn on. To check the capacitor, you’ll need to turn off the power supply to your AC unit and remove the access panel on the outdoor unit. Locate the capacitor and inspect it for any signs of swelling or leaking. If you notice either of these signs, you must replace the capacitor.

It is essential to understand that every air conditioning unit is unique. If you are facing these problems frequently with yours, it may be time to call the professional HVAC technicians of Volpe Service Company to diagnose and fix the issue.

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