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What is the Cheapest Form of Heating For a House?

What Is The Most Affordable Form Of Heating For A House?

Read our guide on the most economical ways to heat your home if you’re interested in transitioning to a more cost-effective heating source but aren’t sure which one is ideal.

There are so many options and their effectiveness varies based on where you are in the country and the market prices, it can be difficult to foresee how heating costs will change over time, and can be challenging to determine which will be the most cost-effective option down the road. This guide can provide more information and insight on the subject.

Ways To Warm Your Home More Affordably:

  • Reverse-cycle air conditioning is by far the most affordable way to heat your home based solely on operating costs. A reverse-cycle air conditioner will only cost slightly more to run for an entire year than an electric heater will cost to run for just three months during the winter.
  • Gas heating: The second most affordable choice for heating your home is gas heating (at the moment, at least). However, not everyone can use a gas heater because you need to have a gas line already attached or install an LPG system.
  • Electric portable heaters are more cost-effective and convenient than other heating options. They are undoubtedly a quick and simple cure when the cold snap strikes because they don’t require installation, are widely available, and cost as little as $30. For brief durations of use, portable electric warmers are perfect for tiny rooms. They’re also a fantastic alternative for tenants or building owners who might not be able to install air conditioning.
  • Oil: Oil furnaces (forced-air ducts) and oil boilers (water heaters) have both been used for a very long time. Modern units are undoubtedly more economical than older ones. If you previously owned a boiler or furnace that performed well, you’d consider it excellent if it reached 70% efficiency.
  • Wood is the only fuel that was once easily accessible to people living in the countryside. If you live in a thickly wooded location close to many forests, it is a viable option for people who live in rural areas. Wood is the most affordable option among the more conventional fuels, especially if you gather, chop, and stack it yourself.
  • Geothermal: When it was first launched in the 1990s and the notion of heating your home with energy from the soil was debated back then. The desire to be independent of oil is what fueled the popularity of geothermal and to some extent today and is a more affordable option.

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