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What Should You Check When Your Ac Is Not Cooling?

What Should You Check When Your AC Is Not Cooling?

It can be irritating to deal with a broken air conditioner on a hot summer day. Due to the complexity of the majority of AC systems, there are several things that can potentially go wrong with your system. If your AC is not cooling, you must consider a few variables, as listed below, before making any decisions on how to proceed.

Things To Check:

  • Inadequate installation: If you recently installed a new air conditioning system that has ceased cooling, it’s possible that it was installed incorrectly. Additionally, the unit you received may be either too small or too large for your house.
  • Check the circuit breaker to see if it’s been tripped: You may have overloaded the circuit if there are too many electronics that are hooked in and operating. This is particularly likely if you have several fans going on a warm summer day. If the circuit breaker is put in the off position, check your fuse box to be sure and turn it back on. If everything else stopped down simultaneously, you might just be experiencing a power outage.
  • Thermostat issue: This could be due to several malfunctions, including worn-out batteries, a defective internal circuit, and others. A thermostat may have these problems at any time without much notice. This is a possibility, especially if the AC unit is working with a house that has several zones for air conditioning.
  • Unmaintained condenser: Taking care of your exterior condenser is one of the most important but frequently disregarded areas of AC maintenance. You must always have good airflow to your condenser. Due to its outdoor location, there is a possibility that weeds and grass will grow nearby. You must periodically maintain the region around the condenser of your air conditioner as the owner. To ensure that the equipment operates at its best, keep any weed growth out of the way. Even if your condenser isn’t surrounded by grass, you need to realize that the equipment is left outside all day.
  • Check the auto settings on your thermostat: Check your thermostat to determine whether it is set to “auto” or “automatic” if your air conditioner frequently turns on and off. If so, this is why your air conditioner keeps turning off. When on auto, the air conditioning system won’t operate until the temperature has increased over the setting on your thermostat. When heating or cooling your home, keeping the thermostat set to “auto” is far more effective.
  • Inadequate or insufficient airflow: Air filters should be changed if they appear to be unclean. If the results still don’t satisfy you, it might be time to have a professional inspect your AC fan and clean your ducts to look for any potential issues.