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AC Installation Tips Every Homeowner Must Know

AC Installation Tips Every Homeowner Must Know

If you plan to replace an existing AC or install a new one, this would be the best time to proceed. A well-functioning air conditioner is what you need to tackle the summer heat in the months ahead.

Since installing a new AC or replacing an old one can be expensive, you may be tempted to buy a less expensive model or do the job yourself. Here are five AC replacement tips explaining why you shouldn’t do either and what every homeowner must know before installing an AC unit. If you reside in Parsippany and are seeking professional HVAC services, look no further than Volpe Service Company for assistance.

Hiring an HVAC Professional

DIY works for many things, but installing an air conditioner isn’t one among them. A wrong step is all it takes to cause dangerous or costly consequences to your home and you and your family. You need to bring in professional HVAC installers to examine your home, identify problems, evaluate different air conditioners, and suggest a model that is best suited for your home, your budget, and the climate.

Focusing on Quality Instead of Cost

Air conditioning units that are less expensive may not provide sufficient cooling and may add to your electricity bills in the long run. Rather than cost, it’s best to focus on the specifications of the AC and choose a model that meets your cooling requirements.

Ensuring Permits are Obtained

A city permit is a mandatory requirement for replacing an air conditioning unit. If your contractor does not have a permit, you and the contractor will be held legally responsible. You may even be asked to remove the AC at your own cost. A permit ensures that your AC is installed properly and is environmentally friendly. Although getting a permit costs money and is a time-consuming process. It’s better to obtain one than face legal complications later.

Checking Types of Warranties

The manufacturing company’s warranty usually covers repairs and manufacturing defects. You can also register your air conditioning unit with the manufacturer within 60 days of installation to receive a better warranty. HVAC installers also provide a labor warranty. An established AC maintenance company in Parsippany usually provides a good warranty since they are confident of their installations.

Saying No to Sub Contractors

You may come across a less expensive subcontractor for your air conditioner installation. However, a direct contractor ensures you have everything done professionally and correctly the first time around, saving you time and money.

Any HVAC contractor will walk you through all of the above. They sometimes tend to slip in obtaining the city permit, which is a step that must not be skipped. Knowing the process upfront allows you to check all points with a contractor before installation.

How We Can Help?

With Volpe Service Company, you will have everything covered. Our job is to ensure that your AC installation is done seamlessly, keeping your safety and comfort our priority. From finding you the best cooling solution that also protects you from unforeseen problems to obtaining permits for AC installation is in our hands. Reach out to us with your needs today.