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Can You Pour Hot Water On A Frozen AC Unit?

Can You Pour Hot Water On A Frozen AC Unit?

Your HVAC system keeps your residential or commercial space comfortable all year round. In the summer, your air conditioner helps you deal with humidity and heat. In winter, it keeps your place from freezing.

But what should you do if you check your air conditioner one day and discover it is frozen? Does it have something to do with the placement? Do you require a new installation?

Pouring hot water on a frozen air conditioner unit to defrost frozen coils is a safe thing to do. If you would rather have our technician do the job for you, you can call us for a professional defrost. At Volpe Service Company, we offer AC installation in Mt Olive and other AC maintenance services in Parsippany. Other options for defrosting an air conditioner include using the “defrost” mode. Depending on the amount of ice built up around your unit, you can evaluate which option suits you the best.

Does Pouring Hot Water On The AC work?

If your air conditioner freezes in the winter, you might be hesitant to try other defrosting methods.

Your air conditioner is not as sensitive to temperature variations. As a result, if you need to defrost or de-thaw an air conditioner, you can safely pour hot water over it.

However, when you talk about your air conditioner freezing, you are referring to the status of the coils inside the unit. As your air conditioner runs, the coils come into touch with the most moisture.

As a result, the coils will be the first elements of your unit to suffer if the temperature in your home decreases suddenly.

As a result, repairing a frozen air conditioner necessitates focusing on the coils rather than another component of your machine. If you notice anything is still wrong with your AC even after pouring hot water on the coils, seek advice from our AC expert for better AC maintenance in Parsippany.

Avoid Doing This To Defrost Your AC

When your air conditioner stops working because it is frozen, you might be tempted to use a spot warmer or a hairdryer to get it started again. If you have alternate options on hand, like defrost mode or hot water, stick to these methods first, as it’s in the best interest of your AC.

If you try to defrost your air conditioner with a spot heater or a hairdryer, there’s a risk of melting the ice on your coils too rapidly and harming the unit’s circuitry. When using hot water, you can slowly melt the ice on your machine by preventing more serious harm to its internal parts.

Alternatives To Defrost Your AC

You don’t have to immediately pour the hot water when you suspect something is amiss with your AC coils. Instead, examine the unit to see whether it has a “defrost mode.” Depending on the ice frosted over the AC, you can use the defrost mode on an air conditioner for 30 to 90 minutes to prevent dealing with excess moisture in your house when the unit is running again.

Choose Volpe Service Company For Expert AC maintenance In Parsippany

It’s not the end of the world if your air conditioner freezes!

You can examine the coils to see if they are frozen or if you have a more serious problem with your hands.

If the coils are frozen, slowly bring your unit back to life by using hot but not boiling water. In this way, you can defrost your AC. Contact our technicians if you need professional help; we are happy to help you!

Our services also include AC installation in Mt Olive. To know more, contact us today!