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Top Warning Signs: How to Tell If Your Air Conditioner Is Broken

Top Warning Signs: How to Tell If Your Air Conditioner Is Broken

Here are some of the most common warning signals that your air conditioner is malfunctioning:

  • High Energy Bills
    If you can’t find a reason for a significant increase in your energy expenses, your air conditioner likely is to blame. When your air conditioner isn’t operating properly, your energy expenditures may rise. Routine maintenance, repairs, and tune-ups can only keep or slow the decline in efficiency.
  • Frequent Breakdowns and Repairs
    Air conditioners are heavy-duty equipment that run continuously throughout the season to keep you cool and comfortable in your house. Minor repairs throughout the season may not usually signal a significant problem with your air conditioner. If such failures and repairs occur regularly despite proper care and maintenance, your air conditioner is certainly old and will need to be replaced soon.
  • Warmth or Cold Spots
    An outdated air conditioner gradually loses its ability to keep the home cool effectively. Repairs may give a temporary solution, but installing a new, properly sized air conditioner is more cost-effective in the long run. When you notice inconsistencies in temperature around your home, it’s good to call our professional for AC repair in Parsippany if you reside in the area.
  • The Pilot Light is Yellow
    The air conditioner’s pilot light should have a bright blue color. If the fuel isn’t burning properly, the flame should be orange and flickering. It might also mean that the air conditioner produces too much carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that is difficult to detect in tiny quantities but deadly in high quantities. If you suspect a problem with your air conditioner, schedule an emergency AC repair in Parsippany. Carbon monoxide may also be identified by checking for the following signs:
      • There were soot streaks throughout the apartment.
      • In the chimney, there are no upward draughts.
      • Exterior moisture on the walls and windows.
      • Water pooling at the chimney or flue pipe’s bottom.
      • The vent pipes are rusted.
  • The Age of Your AC
    The age of your AC impacts how long it will last. If your AC is more than ten years old, you should anticipate it to lose a lot of efficiency and power. It would help if you started thinking about a replacement now so that you have a plan in place before your air conditioner breaks down and your home becomes damp and cold.
  • Unusual Odors and Sounds
    When an air conditioner is turned on for the first time after a lengthy period, it emits a foul odor that dissipates after a few seconds. If the odor lingers, the situation might become hazardous. A loud pounding noise, suggesting a broken blower motor, is another symptom that your AC isn’t working correctly.

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