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What Do You Do If Your AC Pipe Is Frozen?

What Do You Do If Your AC Pipe Is Frozen?

Is your air conditioner not in good working condition? Have you discovered a frozen AC pipe?

A frozen AC pipe might not be a major problem at first, but it can soon escalate into more serious problems, including freezing your air conditioner.

When a pipe in your air conditioner freezes, the system cannot perform its basic function, which is cooling your home. This can be a nightmare for someone at home, especially during the summer. If you reside in the area and are in need of emergency services, you can contact Volpe Service Company for AC service in East Hanover.

Causes For An Air Conditioner To Freeze

Frozen AC pipes can be caused due to a variety of issues, such as a clogged air filter or a low refrigerant charge. If the amount of refrigerant in the AC system is either low or too high, the pressure drops, causing temperatures to plummet and plunge below freezing. Water might condense around the pipe and coils, causing the system to freeze.

Things To Do In Case Your Air Conditioner Stops Working

You can do a few things to get your air conditioning unit running again, regardless of what caused the AC pipes to freeze.

The following are some pointers on how to unfreeze AC pipes:

Examine The Air Filter

This can be the best solution to unfreeze pipes: remove the lid from your return vent and inspect your air filter; if you find it clogged, clean it or replace it. This is a simple solution that you can perform on your own.

Defrost Your Air Conditioning System

It is quite easy to defrost your air conditioner; unfreeze the pipes and other components to get them ready to run again. Do the following in this case: First, turn your thermostat ‘OFF’. The defrosting procedure will begin initially.

Next, check if your condensation pan is draining properly to avoid water damage. Add a few condensate pan cleaning pills to make your home smell good afterward. Give your air conditioner a few hours to thoroughly defrost before using it again.

Restart Your Air Conditioner

You can restart your AC pipe after you are certain it’s completely defrosted. All you have to do now is revert the thermostat to Chill and let the unit cool your house.

While the procedures given above can unfreeze your frozen AC pipe, they do not address the problem completely, and you may need to have your air conditioning system checked to avoid further problems. It’s better to contact our HVAC specialist, especially if your AC piping freezes a lot. There is a possibility that a component might have failed, and you require air conditioning repair.

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