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What Happens If an AC is Not Used For 3/4 years?

What Happens If An AC Is Not Used For 3-4 Years?

Air conditioners are a must in every home today and are used everywhere, whether in the industrial or domestic sector. However, when not used for an extended period, the AC unit may freeze up, rust, lose efficiency, and break down. There are even cases of fire breaking out as well. However, there are a few things you should check before turning on your AC after a long period of no use.

The Capacitor In The Outdoor AC Unit Will Fail

A capacitor is what starts up the compressor, and without it, the compressor will not get enough power to power up. A capacitor can last for years without needing replacement if it’s not exposed to extreme temperatures. But after several years of no use, a capacitor can lose its ability to produce the voltage needed to start your air conditioner. When this happens, you need to call our experienced AC contractor immediately. Letting this issue sit for too long can cause damage to other parts and possibly even more expensive problems like refrigerant leaks or compressor failure.

Parts Will Corrode/Rust

When you don’t kick off your AC unit for several years, there’s a chance that corrosion or rust could take place on metal parts, both inside and outside. Corroded parts won’t conduct electricity properly anymore and function correctly. That makes it harder for your air conditioner to do its job properly, making it more likely to fail in the future.

Seals/Gaskets Will Shrink, Crack, And Leak

The gaskets around the air conditioner’s fan motor and compressor seal the unit to prevent outside air from entering the house. When these rubber seals around the doors and gaskets get too dry or brittle, they can shrink and crack over time. It can lead to leaks around the edges of the unit or, worse, a complete failure of the unit itself. So make sure to clean off any dirt or debris around the unit and check for cracks or other damage every spring before turning your system back on for summer use.

Belts Will Disintegrate And Become Brittle

Belt drives help run many parts of electric coils and compressors in central air conditioning systems; belt drives also run fans in window units. Unfortunately, if these belts dry out over time due to lack of use, they become stiff and brittle. As a result, they are more likely to break while using your AC again after being turned off for a couple of years.

Air conditioner maintenance is crucial because it keeps your air conditioner working efficiently, which means you will use less energy and save money. The good news is that it’s easy to keep your AC in good working order with Volpe Service Company. We specialize in licensed AC installation in Chester and reliable AC Replacement services in East Hanover. Contact us without delay!